07 Feb 2013

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While updating this site I have chosen to care about quick hits slots for real money, number of HTTP requests and modern/mobile browsers. Conversely I have chosen not to care about things like whether the layout breaks in IE7 or the fonts render correctly in Opera 5.

I made an exception for testing in w3m because I like w3m.


Javascript is all done using jQuery v2, which only supports gratis sizzling hot spielen. All of the is designed to replace or amend existing text in the body of the site, so if javascript is disabled the reader shouldn’t notice.

I initially decided that given my exclusion of older versions of IE I should create an even leaner version of the site without the jQuery dependency. Then I found myself debugging an XMLHttpRequest error in IE8 on someone else’s laptop and reconsidered.


In a few places I’ve opted for a grid layout and I went with the Grids system from Yahoo’s Pure CSS library. I looked at a few different grid systems (and indeed I used Skeleton previously) before choosing Pure. The filesize sold me on it: 1KB. Plus the YUI folks have been dependable in my experience.

In addition to the grid I chose normalize.css because after the herculean effort involved to actually test the thing in all those browsers it seems positively rude to use a CSS reset instead.

All of this does however require IE8 or above. I can’t easily test this and I don’t really care anyway, so I can only apologise if you’re reading this in an old/niche browser and it looks terrible.


For the main text I use Libre Baskerville, which is a nicely web-optimised version of the classic from Impallari Type. Hopefully one day all devices will include a Baskerville font.

The headings use the light 300 weight of Source Sans Pro from Adobe. I’m a big fan of both Source Sans Pro and Source Code Pro from Adobe and I hope they continue with their open source typeface projects.

The small text uses 10pt Verdana because that’s exactly what it’s been designed for and it excels at it.

Icons & images

The banner at the top of the homepage uses a texture by Richard Tabor called classy fabric, which I chose in two seconds as a placeholder but grew rather fond of.

Build process

I use my own cobbled-together system of make and the YUI Compressor, which I realise is deprecated by Yahoo but which still works and only requires a single JAR file. I should probably choose one of the amusingly named node-based build systems, but it’d be an awful lot of new moving parts for questionable gain.

As with all simple sites I’ve just used vim and :make, so there’s really not much else to say.