I was born in Hereford in 1981 and I currently live in Shanghai, China. I grew up in Herefordshire, Oman and Surrey; I’ve also lived previously in London, Xi’an and Beijing. I attended Royal Holloway university where I read Computer Science.

When I’m bored I tend towards online puzzles: the Times Crossword (the easy one), Babble, Nurikabe, chess and so on — see my puzzle bookmarks for more.

I also keep a reading list, although I’m not as fastidious with its maintenance as I might be.


If you would like to get in touch, please email me at . My key ID is 0xBE0E47FC. You can also chat to me via Threema, where my ID is PN4W47NK.

I leave a terminal connected to various irc networks, the most public being Freenode, where my nick is just my initials (hjst). It’s not the most reliable way to contact me, but you can try pinging me anyway if you like.

You can find me on Skype as henrytodd. If you’d like to call me please keep in mind that it’s GMT+8 here and I don’t leave Skype running, so you will need to send an email first to arrange a time.


Apart from the services like Pinboard and last.fm which I’ve incorporated into this page, you can find me on Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn and elsewhere if you search for “hjst” or “henrytodd”.


I use Pinboard to store all my bookmarks, including articles and links I think are interesting and worth sharing. My public bookmarks tagged with journal form a link-blog of sorts.

Music & Radio

I listen to quite a bit of radio, mostly late-night BBC shows thanks to the time difference. You can check out Pinboard for my bookmarked podcasts.

Last.fm is good for finding new music, if you use it you might like to check my profile page.